Monday, October 31, 2011

A Family's Perspective on Research at CAR

Wendi Marchesani

Dear CAR Team,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for all you do at the Center for Autism Research. My husband and I have two boys, each with a different classification on the autism spectrum. It means the world to us that CAR is doing what they can to help learn about this diagnosis. 

My elder son, Nicholas, is only 9, yet he is extremely proud of his Asperger’s diagnosis. Nicholas is involved with the FaceStation study and is thrilled to be a “test pilot” for this new program. He loved every part of the study, including the behavioral testing, MRI’s, and MEG. Knowing that the information gathered from his participation will help the CAR team is “icing on the cake” for Nicholas. 

Adam, our younger son, took part in the Study of Social Functioning and Genetics. We were able to obtain valuable advice from your clinicians to pass on to his educators. In fact, we are meeting with our case manager tomorrow to discuss one of the recommendations offered by your team. Additionally, we know that the genetic testing is so very important, especially for future generations.

We had the pleasure of being present at the Lurie Family Foundation’s recent press conference to announce a new donation by the Foundation and the Eagles organization to CAR. It is a blessing to know the Lurie family has been so generous to your organization. Despite the number of Americans affected by autism, it remains an overlooked area of research when you consider the federal monies paid for other health care issues. Without help from people like the Luries, research in such a positive direction might not be possible. Of course, our boys also loved meeting the Eagles Cheerleaders and Swoop as well!

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to helping out more in our upcoming visits.


The Marchesanis

Chris, Wendi, Nicholas and Adam

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