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A Batman Fan's Message to Warner Brothers’ Film Writers, Producers, and Directors

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Batman is one of my favorite fictional characters because he uses his brain and brawn to solve crimes. He also knows how to stand his ground. For example, in the animated series he didn’t let other members of the Justice League push him around because of their super powers. Batman is also a mysterious character. For example, it is hard to tell if he is willing to sacrifice his happiness in order to be Batman, or if there is something inside of him that just won’t let him enjoy himself.  I’m torn – sometimes I feel sorry for him, sometimes I don’t, which is why I think he’s so interesting.

A message to Warner Brothers’ Film Writers, Producers, and Directors
If you are planning to make more Batman films after The Dark Knight Rises, here is a list of suggestions:

No.1: The Origin
There is no need to retell batman’s origin. In the comics and in one of the animated films there are gaps in the story that leave more to the imagination. For example, how did he learn to be a skilled fighter? Where did he get his gadgets? Where did he go when he disappeared for 7 years? Eventually, the comic books and the 1992 animated series attempted to answer those questions. In Batman Begins (2005), Christopher Nolan did a good job completely filling in the missing gaps. If you want to tell Batman’s origin on screen again, you should use the version from the comic book and do it in the movie opening, as a flash of events.
No.2: The Detective
 Batman should be more of a detective in future films, because he is also known as the world’s Greatest Detective. For example, in the 1992 animated series he goes undercover, looks for clues, uses sciences, and integrates people. I would like to see that on screen. We do see the detective side of batman in the animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, and in the recent Dark Knight; however many of us would like to see Batman do more detective work.

No.3: Campy Batman
Don’t make Batman campy. Bruce doesn’t have fun being Batman – fighting crime is personal for him. He is motivated by fear, anger, remorse and guilt. By making him campy you take away the seriousness of his character. Let’s compare Batman to Zorro. Zorro is mysterious, dresses in black and hides in the shadows like Batman. But Zorro has fun fighting corrupt leaders, and his motivation is for the good of the people. He doesn’t see himself as a vigilante. Batman’s motivations are different from Zorro’s. Batman wasn’t always serious in the comics, but he is today. When I was a kid, I watched the 1966 Batman show and it was campy. I didn’t think the show was bad, but there was just no reason for Batman to be excited for his work; the police in the show were not corrupt and the villains were jokes.

No.4: The Love Interest
I would like to see a Batman film without a love interest. If there is one however, I’d like to see her serve more of a purpose. When Bruce Wayne is Batman, he is dangerous. He can’t settle down and have a family, because love is not a priority for him. In past films, his love interests are just damsels in distress. My problem with the romance is that I am not convinced that the two characters are in love because the films don’t establish why they are in love. The only reason that they are in to each other is because they’re attractive. In some action and adventure films, there are strong independent woman. I did like the idea of having a psychologist, Dr. Chase Meridian, as a love interest in Batman Forever. I like that the movie tried to explore Batman’s psyche.

No.5: The Villains
Do not bring back the Joker. Heath Ledger did an awesome job as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Let’s face it – I don’t think anyone can top his performance. Maybe Johnny Depp, but he’s getting old. The villains I would like to see are Mr. Freeze and Dr. Hugo Strange. In Batman and Robin, they gave Mr. Freeze a sense of humor, which messed up the character. He is supposed to be a heartless individual. Mr. Freeze is also one of my favorite villains, which is why I want to see him correctly portrayed in future films. Dr. Hugo Strange, the therapist that figured out Bruce Wayne is Batman, is another villain that everyone is not familiar with. I am curious if Warner Brothers would portray him correctly on screen as well.

No.6: The Sidekicks
Do not bring back any of Batman’s sidekicks. He likes to work alone. He has too many sidekicks, like Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing. If you are going to bring one of his sidekicks, bring back Robin. In the comics there are six different characters that played Robin. I like the first Rodin, Dick Grayson, because he and Bruce share things in common. For example, they have both felt guilty and responsible after watching their parents’ deaths. I think you should put Dick Grayson in the film and leave an opening for his character as Robin to be completed later in the other films. Also, keep the Robin suit used in Batman Forever.            

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